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COINGAINGURU is a website that is providing news and information about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins. In Addition we are running 2 Bitcoin Faucets where you can get a little amount of Bitcoin for free as first step into the crypto scene without spending any “real” money.

What information you can get?

You can learn what cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are.
Or how amazing the technology behind the cryptocurrencies is – the Blockchain.
Get information about wallets for several coins like desktop wallets, light wallets, online wallets of 3rd party provider, hardware wallets or the most secured type paper wallets.
Read news about investment possibilities (ICO´s) or how to get involved in other ways.
Furthermore you can find information with regard to current exchange rates, price trends, market capitalizations or trading volumes of different coins and tokens respectively.
Stay up-to-date by reading our news from the crypto scene.
Compare the characteristics of the different coins/tokens, their ambitions and purposes.
In case we awoke your interest become a member in forums of the several coins you are interested in in order to be informed about further news, upcoming features and updates.
Participate in discussions or make suggestions by leaving comments.
Be a part of this new and rapidly growing economic form.
Be there when the new age of the Internet begins.
Learn more about the potential of the blockchain technology and how it could fundamentally alter the internet and individual economic sectors.



Please note that this is a new economic and financial sector that is still in the children’s shoes.
Until today, for the most part there are no legal framework conditions for cryptocurrencies in Germany and other countries.
This is why you should be extremely cautious, for example if you give your (crypto) money to Investment traders or platforms respectively on a trust basis.
And always remember to invest only money where you can handle the loss easily.
COINGAINGURU is just an website that is providing information.
You act on your own responsibility and at your own risk.
COINGAINGURU assumes no liability for any losses.

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