Huge news from Waves! Waves Client 1.0 Release announcement

Waves public beta

We are very pleased to announce
the Public Beta for the Waves Client 1.0!

This is the culmination of many months of hard work
and we are extremely proud to be able to offer the
community a comprehensive blockchain platform with
the same kind of clean, user-friendly interface you’d
expect to find in any mainstream online banking or
trading application.

The Public Beta will launch
on 13 December

Meanwhile, we are still conducting our Closed Beta.
If you wish to participate in this, please contact us via
the link to our submission form.

In addition, Waves-NG will go live on mainnet in
December. Our new consensus protocol will make Waves
the fastest production blockchain in the world, enabling
the scaling and throughput that is vital for any
enterprise-ready blockchain platform. You can find the
results of our NG stress test in this blog post.

Thank you to all our community,
and ride on Waves!

Source: Waves Platform


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